Enter Into a World of Water
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Every Good Story Starts the Same Way...
Crescent is a TTRPG (Tabletop Roleplaying Game) in a similar vein to games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. It emphasizes character customization and providing tools to Game Masters and players for unique and engaging encounters. Crescent is a well-rounded ruleset with interactive systems for roleplay and non-combat encounters, as well as a tactical combat system that encourages more than just swinging your sword on each of your turns.
Match Your Vision Exactly to a Character through an In-Depth Attribution System
Crescent offers an infinite variety of character builds through an expansive Attribution system. There are 14 Attributes, each of which represents a different capability of a character, from quickness of foot to power of imagination. Characters gain more Attributes as they level up, making them stronger in challenges and granting them access to more powerful and varied techniques.
Show Your Skill and Progress through a Plethora of Techniques
Techniques allow your character to perform special actions inside or outside of combat. Some Techniques will aid characters by allowing them to better convince others, investigate mysteries, or succeed in tests of strength, prowess, and ingenuity. Others may grant them access to attacks that strike through armor, distractions that put enemies off guard, or even rituals that summon myserious weapons and beasts. With a vast number of Techniques and the requirements to learn them, no two characters are likely to play the same.
Discover the Races of the Crescent, and the Curse Killing Them
The Crescent is home to a number of original races (and humans). Play as a Valefin from a city below the sea, or walk from a God-Grove as a Maldora. Feel the power of Realizations through the mind of an Inevitus or awaken your Dreaming Eye as a Salifiera. Regardless of your choice, just know that your character will die once their century is up by the hand of the Century Curse: a rule of the world which knows no pity or pardon.
Explore the Magic of an Ever Expanding Archipelago
The Crescent is a world filled with many islands. Each island has its own people, culture, religion, and mysteries. Many of the islands have a unique magical effect that shape its denizens’ experience, ranging from a magical disease that consciously attempts to kill its inhabitants to a mystical throne which drains mortal lifeforce to create rivers and crops. Discovering these magics and how to interact with them is the centerpoint of many adventures.