Our Mission

Goals and Inspirations

Crescent was designed around the idea of bringing something new to the Tabletop RPG genre that improved on some of the pitfalls of other systems while drawing inspiration from things that work. We’ve been playing other TTRPGs like D&D and Pathfinder for a long time now, closing in on around 8 years of overall experience. We still enjoy playing these games and following along with their updates, yet we’ve noticed several areas of these games that could be improved. While developing Crescent was originally an attempt at making these improvements, it became its own game completely as development continued.

Now, in addition to developing its major systems, after fleshing out the setting’s lore, races, and mysteries, Crescent truly feels like its own world. Much of Crescent is now based around the idea of player and game master creativity. Players can develop characters from scratch, choosing their stats and their abilities in a way that matches their playstyle. Due to the overall low magic of the system, players are also challenged to approach problem solving in new ways that emphasize the use of their skillset and strategy over magical solutions. Game masters are able to insert their own creativity into the world itself, with the ability to create islands and regions that fit neatly into the overall map. Game masters can also easily give characters new tools through homebrewing Techniques. We believe the system now sparks the imagination of players in new and exciting ways.

Virtual Support

One of our goals and primary reasons for Kickstarting Crescent is that we want the game to be fully supported digitally. We believe that we’re entering a new era of tabletop gaming. After graduating college, our friend group dispersed to various parts of the U.S, making what used to be regular game nights impossible without technology. We’ve been able to continue playing TTRPGs and board games together thanks to applications like Tabletop Simulator and Roll20. More and more often, board games are being translated into digital mediums, making a lot of them much more simple to play. We want to create a game that can be played from anywhere, but still enjoyed in person. Our goal is to create a website that allows for all of the game’s content to be accessed, and also enables players to actually play the game on it. By creating our own site, we’ll be able to really fine tune it to the game’s systems and make it as accessible and comprehensive as possible. But to make that possible we need more hands on the project than just the two of us.