The Archipelago

The Crescent is a world of water, littered with islands and scarce larger landmasses. Instead, all land exists in the form of varying sizes of islands. How many islands there really are in the archipelago isn’t known. Navigators have tried to chart them all, but the islands seemed to extend in opposite directions without end. The charts do at least show that the general grouping of the islands seems to bend inward on itself, like the shape of a crescent moon. And so the archipelago got its name: the Crescent.

Many islands are home to Mortal races who’ve built thriving towns and cities on them. Each inhabited island has its own culture and traditions that set it apart from its neighbors. Because many islands in a region are close together, there is much mingling of peoples through trade and exploration. Sometimes, ideals or faiths clash together, causing wars between neighbors. Adventuring through the Crescent is an exciting endeavor, as each island on the horizon hosts new experiences, conflicts, and rewards.

There are also islands of the Crescent that are deemed too dangerous to live on. These islands can be inhabited by dangerous wildlife, magic, or even monsters that have killed or scared off the Mortals who tried to settle them. Ruins and undiscovered mysteries await those brave enough to risk their lives exploring them.

Island Magic

Traditional magic — the sort channeled by wizards and magicians — doesn’t exist in the Crescent. While true magic does exist, it isn’t well understood and can only be controlled in strict and specific conditions. Most of it is unruly and unpredictable, cursing or blessing certain individuals or beasts at random. The seas, for example, are filled with dangerous and mysterious creatures that sailors tell stories and write songs about when in port.

Almost every island in the Crescent possesses a magical quality unique to itself. This is known simply as Island Magic. Island Magic can come in many forms, from beautiful flora that can each kill Mortals in a different gruesome way, to organically growing crystals that ignite in the sunlight, to creating and supporting an ecosystem of abnormally rotund animals. While some Island Magic is obvious, much of it is not well understood, or is obscured from the general populace. Attempts have been made to control an Island’s Magic, but most of these efforts end in tragedy. Still, Island Magics can be so powerful and defining that entire cultures and pantheons have been built around them.